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mini blinds

For quality aluminum blinds in a wide variety of fashion colors to match your decor you can rely on East Coast Interiors. Choose from 3 slat sizes: 1/2" micro, 1" mini, and 2".

We offer only the most popular brands and styles from manufacturers whose names you know to be the top in the business, recognized for their quality, durability and beauty.

aluminum mini-blinds

Aluminum blinds and shades provide a lower cost and durable solution for the budget minded.

We can help create the look that is right for your project and decor. Your aluminum metal blind can be custom made in over 50 colors and are made from #6 gauge aluminum alloy slat material that is rolled to a thickness for maximum flexibility and reduction of damage from bending. Our mini blinds also have a polyester base paint applied and baked on. This layer creates a resistance to chipping and cracking.

Usually the least expensive custom treatment, custom aluminum blinds offer style and practicality. Textures range from high gloss to a matte finish that has the soft, luxurious look and feel of suede.

motorization available

Your mini-blind window treatment can be motorized for ease of operation. Contact us for details on this great feature.

  • Mark I
    • 1" & 1-3/8" Standard
    • 1" & 1-3/8" Cordless
    • 1" Lightmaster Privacy
    • 1" Cordless Lightmaster
    • 1" Auto Tilt battery operation
  • Riviera Classic
    • 1/2" & 1" Standard
    • 1" Lightmaster Privacy
    • 1" Auto Tilt battery operation
  • Riviera Contract
    • 1" Standard
    • 1" Lightmaster Privacy
    • 1" Auto Tilt battery operation
  • Riviera 2"
    • 2" Standard

New fom Hunter Douglas is the Compliments line of 2" PVC horizontal blinds. There is a wide selection of colors and textures that co-ordinate with both 2" and 31/2" PVC vertical blinds. Perfect for that room with more than one size, style, or shape of window!

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