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wood blinds

Wood blinds add warm and natural richness to any room and offer a fashionable alternative to traditional window treatmeants. Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, both painted and stained, including exciting new weathered finishes and multiple shades of white.

Wood blinds are drafted of hard woods such as cherry, oak, maple, ash, pine, bassword, ramin wood, custom manufactured to your choice of lifting and tilting mechanisms.

Tilting horizontal slats provide superior light control. Wood blinds also offer insulation while reducing outside noise. Order your blinds with decorative cloth tapes that not only cover the route holes but maximize light control and reduce glare.

faux wood blinds

Lighter and more economical than natural wood blinds, faux wood blinds are made with a synthetic PVC material that has the look of natural wood but with no worry about warping or cracking...making them a great alternative for areas of high moisture or humidity, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Choose from a smooth painted look or an embossed "wood-like" finish. Because our faux wood blinds are UV controlled, they will not yellow.

motorization available

Your natural wood or faux wood blinds can be motorized for ease of operation. Contact us for details on this great feature.

  • Wood blinds are easily coordinated with wood flooring and fine wood furniture
  • Multiple slat sizes are available
    • 1"
    • 2"
    • 2 1/2"
  • Blinds are available in a full range of finishes from richly stained to flawlessly painted
  • Warp resistant and easy to clean
  • Choose from a traditional cord tilter, wood wand tilter or a remote controlled motorized tilter.
  • Simple to operate. Blinds can be pulled up to allow an open view to the outside, but remember that if you intend to pull your blinds up regularly, carefully consider the size of your window and the resulting weight of the blind. The larger the blind, the heavier the weight and the greater effort required to raise and lower the blind.
  • Wood blinds are easy to maintain and very durable.
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